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Our Programme

The Young Entrepreneur Club offers you the chance to develop your entrepreneurial skills in the latest London start-ups. For our first programme we are collaborating with Faradays London, a leading estate agency in Central London that wishes to launch an online division.


As a new kick-starter you will be driving the launch and development of this new division within Faradays London.


Day-to-day you will be guided by experienced real estate professionals and working in pairs, concentrating on specific geographic areas in London, we will provide you with expert-led guidance and training in sales, lettings, property development, financing, marketing and other ancillary services tailored to your career.

What you can expect each day?

Start your day with team virtual meeting where one of the Faradays London directors discuss various aspects of the real estate industry and set specific goals and objectives for everyone to follow for the day and week ahead.


Each week we invite guests who provide valuable insights into professions and services that work with the real estate industry, such as lawyers and marketers.  Our guests are successful professionals in their respective fields.


Each pair of kickstarters work together for 5 hours a day, Monday - Friday, with a team meeting at the end of the day to review goals achieved and answer any questions. Pairs are encouraged to compete against each other.

What happens after completing programme? 

At the end of the 6 months programme, you are in a position to launch your career,

The Young Entrepreneur Club acts as a launch pad for your careers in real estate, whether that be in sales, marketing or human resources position. We help you find employment, support you with job applications and if you have your own ideas for a business we may even consider investment. There is the possibility to be recruited full-time by Faradays London or with one of our partners in the real estate industry following the programme.

If you decide real estate isn't the right career path for you, many of the techniques, skills and experience acquired from your apprenticeship can be used in other fields.

What are the terms and conditions of the contract?

Employed 25 hours per week

Minimum London Living Wage + Commission

Expenses & Travel Reimbursed

we want to be a part of your journey!

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