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The Young Entrepreneur Club is a not for profit purpose driven organisation committed to offering a genuine alternative to university. Our apprenticeships aimed at young people provide the knowledge base, training and experience required to build their careers. 

As a remote-based part real estate and part education apprenticeship facilitator we partnered with Faradays London, a leading estate agency in Central London, to open up opportunities for young people to learn the ropes of the different sectors in the industry.

We offer a social network for apprentices, curriculum, training of requisite skills, virtual mentorship, professional talks and experience of working all while earning a salary.


how it all started

The Young Entrepreneur Club story starts in 2018 when our CEO & founder Lee Magner, serial entrepreneur and lawyer, noticed more and more young people between the ages of 16-24 in the UK were not in employment or education.

As a firm advocator that the best form of education is experience,  Lee came up with the idea  to deliver industry targeted apprenticeships, starting with real estate. Looking to provide equal opportunities to empower young people's futures and offer hands-on practical learning experiences. 



Our mission is to provide an incredible career path to young people and develop a diverse group of future leading entrepreneurs.


The Young Entrepreneur Club is startup founded to ensure young people have access to the best learning experience and career-focused apprenticeships in the UK.

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