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Our 2018 Programme

 Learn more about the three core pillars of our programme below, click here to view a typical weekly schedule or click below to apply

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Learning by Experience

We have incubated what we think is a great new property tech business, called Its an online service targeted at guests of Airbnb in London. You will become the first cohort of YE's working together with 7 other teenagers building this into a  successful business,.  Through this innovative 6 month immersive learning programme, you will learn every aspect of how to start a new business, building individual maturity, self-reliance and confidence  At the end of the 6 months, YE's will get the chance to continue with Guestporter as paid interns and/or shareholders or pitch their own start up idea to the club board.

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Inspiring speakers

THE YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS CLUB is a  Not for Profit organisation which is committed to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

With the help of our resident business coach, our YE's will reach out to visiting and local successful entrepreneurs to visit and share with them the secrets of their success and the journey , including the failures, that got them where they are today. Be prepared to be inspired  on a weekly basis. 


Core business Learning

At THE YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS CLUB, we aim to cover the basics you need to know about business and have teamed up with some key experts in their fields to deliver their golden nuggets of information in informal one hour sessions. There are no tests or exams, this is about helping you build your core business knowledge to apply on a practical basis in the building of Guest Porter and any other start ups you will work on.

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